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About Longowal

Longowal is a small town in the south of Punjab in the Sangrur district about 25km west of the city of Sangrur. Longowal was founded by Bala Ala Singh, the founder of the Patiala Dynasty who was also a great soldier and considered a saint by his subjects. The town of Longowal is a Municipal Council.

About Longowal

Administration of Longowal

Longowal is a Municipal Council in the Sangrur Tehsil of the Sangrur district and has been divided into 13 wards. The elections are held every five years for the Municipal Council. The Municipal Council has under its purview 4,572 houses. Longowal comes under the Sangrur district, and is the headed by Deputy Commissioner who acts as functionary of the State Government. He/She also performs the roles of District Collector and the District Magistrate and is responsible for the law and order in the district .

Deputy Commissioner Sangrur    

Geography of Longowal

The town of Longowal is located to the west of Sangrur at the distance of 25km. Geographically, the town sits on the Indo-Gangetic plains and its geographical location is 30°11'52.4"N 75°40'36.1"E. To its north lies the city of Barnala at the distance of 30km, and to the west Bhatinda at 85km. From the state capital of Chandigarh, Longowal is at the distance of 147km.

History of Longowal

Longowal was founded by the 18th century warrior king Baba Ala Singh, the founder of the Patiala dynasty. An unfortunate father to have seen the deaths of all three of his sons in his lifetime, Baba Ala Singh oversaw the most turbulent period in the history of the Patiala dynasty. With the helo of the fierce Dal Khalsa, Baba Ala Singh took control of the Bhatinda region, which he has established as his administrative headquarters. Along with Longowal, he founded several other villages such as Chhajali, Dirba and Sheron. By the end of 1760, Ala Singh ruled over 726 villages and towns. In the great battle of Panipat, between the Afghan forces of Durrani and the Marathas, Ala Singh helped the Marathas when their provisions were blockaded by the the Afghan armies. However, later Ahmed Shah defeated Barnala and took Ala Singh captive. However, as Ala Singh paid for his release, Durrani recognised him as a prince and his sovereignty and granted him the title of Raja. Ala Singh died in 1765 and was cremated inside the fort of Patiala. Today, a Gurudwara by the name of  Gurdwara Chulle Baba Aala Singh stands in his memory in the town of Longowal.

Climate of Longowal

Climate of Longowal remains dry, hot and harsh. Winters are also very severe as the temperatures can drop to the freezing point with the winds carrying the cold from the Himalayas in the north. Longowal has three main seasons, i.e. summer, monsoon, winter. The summer lasts from March to June, monsoon arrives in the month of July and lasts until September. Winter arrives in November and lasts until the early days of March. October can be termed as the period of transition between the monsoon and winter when a certain spike in temperatures is also experienced. During Summers the highest temperatures reach the 47°C to 48°C. Due to the dry nature of the geological structure of the region, the nights are also warm. The winter in Longowal is also very harsh as the Himalayan currents bring the temperature down and the daily mean temperature stays close to 7°C. The monsoon in the Longowal region is not very strong and the total number of rainy days a year are less than 30 days. The average annual rainfall varies between 450mm to 700mm. In one in every three years, less than average rainfall is received in the region.

Population of Longowal

The 2011 Population Census of India puts the population in the administrative territory of the Longowal Municipal Council at 23,851 of which 13,030 are males, whereas 10,821 are females. The population of children (age 0 – 6) stands at 2477 which is 10.39% of the total population of the Longowal Municipal Council. Unfortunately, keeping up with the trend of the low female sex ratio in the region, the female sex ratio in the Longowal Municipal Council is miserably low at 830, against the already low state average of 895. Furthermore, the child sex ratio (age 0 – 6) is even lower at 819, against the state average of 846, suggesting that there is an urgent need for necessary measures to improve the numbers. The population of the Scheduled Castes in the Longowal Municipal Council makes up for 5767, which makes up for 24.18% of the total population. The Longowal Municipal Council has no population belonging to the Scheduled Tribes.

Literacy and Language In Longowal

It has been observed that wherever the sex ratio is low, the literacy rates also drastically fall. In the Municipal Council of Longowal, the literacy rate is very low at 67.12% which is considerably lower than the state average of 75.84%. Out of the total literate population of the Longowal town, around 71.20% are males, while the female literacy rate is lower at 62.21%. Since Longowal is a small town in Punjab, Punjabi is the main language spoken here with dialects from Hindi and Urdu.

Economy of Longowal

Longowal is a small town and is surrounded by lush green fields and farmland. Although it is famous for the educational institutes, the main revenue generated in the town is through agriculture and related businesses. The town of Longowal boasts of an independent grain market which is supported by the massive agricultural actitivy. As per the data released by the 2011 Population Census of India, there are about 7,843 working persons in Longowal town. Out of the total working population, 6,826 were males whereas 1,017 were females. A large portion amounting to 90.30% of the working population in the main work while 9.70% people are engaged in temporary work related activities.

Culture of Longowal

Since Longowal is an old town, dating back to 18th century, and is an agricultural economy, it celebrates many customs and festivals related to its agrarian nature. The land of Punjab is known as the land of generous, fun loving and honest people. Longowal also proudly carries that tradition. Every year, in the period between November  - December, a big fair is organised in this small town to commemorate the martyrdom of Bhai Mani Singh, a Sikh saint. The fair is known as Mela Gurudwara Bhai Mani Singh and is frequented by a large number of people. As is the custom in the rest of Punjab, many games such as Kabaddi, wrestling are organised in the spirit of the fair.

Tourism in Longowal

Although Longowal is a town founded by Bala Ala Singh, there are no many historical tourist spots in the city. Since the economic base of this semi-urban town is agricultural, the modern glitz of the bigger cities is yet to reach this part of Punjab. However, should you find yourself in this small town, you could visit a number of Gurudwaras including Gurudwara Bhai Ala Singh, Gurudwara Bhai Mani Singh Shaheed and Gurdwara Yaadgaar Shaheedan. There is a small pond adjacent to the Gurdwara Yaadgaar Shaheedan and is surrounded by some greenery.

Utility Services in Longowal

Many small towns in India now offer a number of public services to the residents and visitors. Following are some of the important utility services in the town of Longowal.

Safety in Longowal

Whenever we travel with our loved once, we are concerned our their safety. Although Punjab is largely a safe state, it is better to have the details of the police station in the towns you are visiting. Following are the details of the police in Longowal.

Longowal Police Station, Longowal
Address: Sangrur, Punjab, India
Telephone: 01676283577
Emergency No: 100

Banks in Longowal

Wherever the industrial or agricultural economic base is strong, it is supported by the banking sector in India. Since most regions in Punjab are affluent in terms of agricultural produce, there has been a deep penetration by the banks in the rural and sem-urban areas. Following are the details of banks in Longowal.

State Bank Of Patiala
Branch: Longowal
IFSC Code: STBP0000742
MICR Code: Not Provided
Branch Code: 000742
Address: Gahu Patti, Longowal, Punjab
Phone No: 01672-283529

Punjab National Bank
Branch: Longowal
IFSC Code: PUNB0075400
MICR Code: Not Provided
Branch Code: 075400
Address: Main Bazar, Vill And Po Longowal, Dist Sangrur Punjab 148106
Phone No: 01672-283545

ICICI Bank Ltd
Branch: Longowal
IFSC Code: ICIC0001781
MICR Code: Not Provided
Branch Code: 001781
Address: Icici Bank Ltd., 68513, Patti Jaid, Badbar Road, Longowal, Distt. Sangrur-148106, Punjab
Phone No: Not Provided

Oriental Bank of Commerce
Branch: Longowal
IFSC Code: ORBC0100797
MICR Code: Not Provided
Branch Code: 100797
Address: Main Bazar, Longowal, Punjab
Phone No: 01672-283114,283010

Hospitals in Longowal

Longowal is a very small town and does not have a great number of hospitals. However there are a few hospitals in the town, namely Dhola Hospital, Amandeep Hospital and Harihar Hospital.

Community Health Centre
Longowal, Sangrur - 148106

Postal and Courier Services in Longowal

Although, being a small town, there are no courier services in Longowal, Indian Post has an office there. Following are the details of the Post Office in Longowal.

Indian Post
Post Office: Longowal S.O
Status: Sub Office (Delivery)
Pincode: 148106
Head Office: Sangrur H.O
Address: Longowal, Punjab
Phone: 01672-283531

Transport in Longowal

Although Longowal is a small town, it is not far from the city of Sangrur. If you want to travel to Longowal, you can pick any of the following options.

By Road : Longowal is at a distance of about 25km from Sangrur via the NH 64/NH71. It can also be reached via Barnala (30km), or Sunam (18km). From the state capital of Chandigarh, Longowal is at the distance of 147km. Since the public transport bus service in Punjab is quite robust, getting to Longowal in a bus is not difficult. However if times is a constraint, then it is better to take your own vehicle.

By Train : Longowal does not have a railway station and it is one impediment in its progress. However, there are several railways stations close to the town including Sunam (SFM), Sangrur (SAG), Barnala (BNN), Dhuri JN (DUI), Lehragaga (LHA), Tapa (TPA), Budhada (BKZ). However, Dhuri JN offers the highest number of trains (108) and is at a short distance of about 35km from Longowal.

By Air : Chandigarh Airport is the nearest Airport to go to Longowal. The airport has a domestic terminal and daily flights fly to the major Indian cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and is 142 km from Longowal.  You can either take a cab from the airport to go to Longowal or a state transport bus from Chandigarh.

Longowal at a glance

District: Sangrur
Tehsil: Sangrur
Pin Code: 148106
STD Code:  01672
 • Official     Punjabi
Time zone : IST (UTC+5:30)

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